LST (Leadership Support Team)

Cassie Kraus (Left) and Kate Heydlauff (Right), TC West Young Life LST

Don't want to be a leader but still want to be involved? You can support the leaders from behind the scenes!  

You can support leaders by:

  • Praying
  • Opening your home for clubs or meetings
  • Providing meals for leaders
  • Getting coffee with a leader and encouraging them
  • Connecting leaders to kids/teachers/community
  • Advocating for Young Life in your specific area
  • OTHER!

We are looking for LST members for the following leader teams:

  • TCCentral Young Life
  • TCWest Young Life
  • Glen Lake Young Life
  • Leland Wyldlife
  • TCE Wyldlife
  • TCW Wyldlife
  • TC High Young Life / Young Lives
If you would like to be on an LST, feel free to contact! 

We would love to get you plugged in!

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Phone: (586)206-9570

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