East Middle Wyldlife

Wyldlife Club
Every Tuesdsay @ 6:46pm @ 1432 Richmand Ct.
See @tcewyldlife on instagram for updates and details!

Wyldlife Girls Campaigners (Bible Study)
Every Wednesday after school at Espresso Bay on Garfield!

East Middle Wyldlife Leaders
Katy Lawson (Team Leader) - katylawson01@gmail.com (248) 877-4090
Sarah Sheridan (Team Leader)
Jennifer Boeve
Andrea Potter
Austin Bluemel
Ally Barker
Joelle Price (Student Leader)
Levi Price (Student Leader)
Nicole Rogers (Student Leader)



Young Life Grand Traverse | PO Box 265 Traverse City, MI 49685-0265

Phone: (586)206-9570

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